Sunday, September 25, 2005

The Clock Finally Strikes 12:30!

What a day to be a Seahawks Fan!

Instead of coming out flat, or letting a lead slip away, the team kept the peddle to the metal and finally blew an opponent, no - a DIVISIONAL opponent, off the turf at Qwest field.

Looking down the stats from the game, if I was not able to see the game, I might have to consider my boy Kelly Herndon for the Moonlight Graham award. Kelly was tied for the lead in tackles with 4, adding one assist, and got to start in place of an ailing Andre Dyson.

But if I was to go with the stat sheet alone, fellow defenders Leroy Hill (4 tackles, 1 assist, 1 sack) and Jordan Babineaux (3-T, 3-A and one meaningless INT at the end of the game) would have to be considered as well.

Even though Hass, Shaun, D-Jax, Engram, and company are usually not considered this way, our second half offense surely has been toiling in obscurity this season, and for this reason, the entire offense was a finalist for this award, finally coming out from the intermission as a team on a mission, instead of sleepwalking their way into another squeaker.

However, I'm finally able to bestowe a regular season Moonlight Graham award on the player recenly nicknamed 12:30 - Josh Scobey - who earned this new moniker for his consistent style of running north-and-south, rather than dancing around sideline to sideline.

With internet rumors circulating that he may be cut from the team, Mr. Scobey stepped up on both sides of our kicking game, averaging close to 30 yards on two returns, and making key tackles on kick coverage as well. Even on the kicks he didn't return, he showed presence of mind to down them in the end zone, rather than risk a return and cost our offense valuable field position.

So instead of looking over his shoulder at newly signed Jimmy Williams, or looking scared at the prospect of getting cut, Josh Scobey looked straight ahead and ran has hard as he could to either give great field position to our offense, or preserve it for our defense.


check said...

Yeah, I kinda saw this one coming. You gotta love the way some of these back burner guys are givin' it up for the team. Not just Scobey, but look how hard MoMo was running, and Weaver, and Warrick, too.

There were alot of positives about this game. How about Matt barely getting touched all day? I'm gonna sleep easily tonight. Lots of good stuff.

JoSCh said...

Too many possibilies, Weaver, Warrick, don't your MLG award winners usually get cut? You you may have just sounded his "cut" knell, to keep with the striking theme. Morris ran hard?

ADP said...

if his MLG cutting streak continues...please never pick Leonard Weaver...

Scobey did great (when he could...we ran into another kicker/punter with a leg), and obviously the internet rumors must of been false...

the guy who said his friend works a t a hotel and overheard him must of been lying or lied to...he said Scobey said screw Seattle and he was cut and stuff on his cellphone...

i highly doubt anyone would bash the Seahawks while they are on the team (unless you're Chike Okeafor)

remember, to be must be Okeafor-like...Scoobs is showing it so far, giving us a needed boost on ST

albaNY Hawker said...

Just to set the record straight, NO MGA Winners have been cut!

It's my adopt-a-seahawk that was the kiss of death for erstwhile FB Chris Davis, but so far Kelly Herndon has escaped the curse of alba!

I forget what it was that was mentioned during the telecase re: Scobey, like he wouldn't be starting or something about his jersey number, but it was something minor that I could see him saying "Screw the Seahawks" on a cell phone about.